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This pages is designed as a dumping site for anything that we thought might be of some value for our clients or friends. We will try to keep it up-to-date but if you find any broken links please be sure to let us know:) Also, if there’s something that you think should be here that’s not we’d love to hear about it.

Articles & Links:

The following are links to some articles that we’ve published over the years on a variety of topics related to backcountry travel, alpinism & climbing:

Sea to Sky Glaciers – Fall 2023:

We flew a bunch of the glaciers along the South Coast / Sea-to-Sky area this fall to get a feel for what they look like without a few meters of snow hiding all the crevasses. Given how fast our glaciers are changing with the warmer climate we felt it was worth taking a look at these once very familiar areas to see what’s different to help with our decision making over the winter. We’re hoping to do this every summer/fall so be sure to check back. All these photos are set up to be downloaded so feel free to take them with you on your phone when you’re out skiing/riding or mountaineering.